European Statement Policy (EPS)

ISSM P. Mascagni in Livorno started his International activities on 2005 increasing every year the number of students and teachers involved.
We have a good numbers of partners and we set a deep contact and continuative cooperation with Institutions in Finland, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.
We founded common intents and a similar dimension concerning staff and students.
We encourage our students and teachers to apply for international mobility in order to enrich the experience in learning and teaching in an European contest, and we aim to organize joined concerts with our partners to make students and teachers from other countries to play together.
We try to make a network of European Institutions to make this possible, by inviting colleagues from abroad to enlarge the offer of our programs to the students in an European view of culture.
The aim of our institution is to enlarge the international competences of our students in order to give a preparation to work in a European dimension.
We are working to set the possibility to start international diplomas (joint degrees) in accordance with our foreigner partners. We shall consider the option to exchange teaching staff for a whole Academic Years in order to offer to a largest number of students the possibility to do this international experience at home. With the international partners we shall try to set common goals and prepare students to study in different institutions abroad according with the field of study they are following.
Offering international opportunities shall attract a larger number of students giving the possibility to follow international programs that shall give them a deepest competence in the music fields they are attending at. The new technologies and new fields of knowledge, according with the requests of today's ever growing market shall be taken in strong consideration.
We shall give an extra value in exporting the excellence in our field of music knowledge, i.e. Opera and Italian Style of singing as well as importing excellence from other Countries, the peculiar style that make the difference between each country, i.e. Lieder from Germany and Austria.
We shall offer economical support to the best students selected by auditions and competition and also a support to our students in outgoing mobility.